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Our team offers straightforward marketing solutions for changemakers.

Nick, Jen and a great team.

Jen’s 50% punk, 50% Halloween-loving weirdo, and 100% digital marketing and lead generation expert. Nick’s a British engineer who goes nuts for all things technical and nautical.

Partners in The Update Company, these two complement each other’s strengths to make changemakers’ digital dreams come true. Together, they work with an amazing team of professionals who deliver the most creative and analytically robust digital marketing magic for clients who want to make the world a better place.

Does that sound like you?

Meet the team.

Nick Ward

Nick hails from the other side of the pond, which is where he first dipped his oar in the professional waters of chemical engineering, software development, and consulting for blue chip clients. Not one for predictability, he made a very un-engineer-y move and sold everything to sail across the world with his family. Affectionately dubbed “Captain Cumberland,” by the team, Nick’s also a dad to two supersmart kids, a foosball enthusiast, and The Update Company’s resident Excel whisperer.

Jen Rollins

Jen’s like a cat: nine lives for the price of one. Spend just five minutes with her and you’ll wonder how exactly she’s managed to fit all of her entrepreneurial experience and hilarious adventures into her young life. From IT recruiter to Tech Mommy blogger, telecommunications customer service maven, business development expert, content writer, and account manager, she’s (pretty much) done it all. In her current incarnation, she’s enjoying social media virality and life on the Island as a digital marketing sensation with her two mermaids.

Ian Quinn

Who’s that quietly clicking away in the background? That’s just Ian, whipping up a beautiful website design, an impeccably detailed PDF, or a picture-perfect colour palette. A transplant from Ontario, Ian has been calling the Comox Valley home for over a decade. Talk to him about everything design, everything video games, and everything music. Just don’t take his favourite scissors.

How we got here.

In 2012, we started out as specialists updating websites, social media platforms and graphic design. That’s where “The Update Company” came from. After a little while, our clients asked us to build new websites for them. This sounded like a great way to use our business strategy backgrounds, creativity and passion for all things tech. So we hired a team of web professionals and became one of the biggest in-house web development companies on Vancouver Island.

In 2018, we added more services around lead generation, like digital marketing strategies, social media strategies, sales-specific landing pages, pay-per-click advertising and a bigger focus on search engine optimization and overall marketing communications.

In 2021, we adapted our services even further and decided that, since we can work with any type of client in any industry, we’d work with businesses in industries we are passionate about – changemakers, especially those positively influencing their community, conservation and/or climate. We pursue clients who share similar values to ourselves or identify with similar UN Sustainable Development Goals

Are you interested in working with our team and want to know more?