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Digital Marketing Health Check

Get your digital marketing into the best shape possible

You know that your business needs digital marketing to thrive… but what measures will make the biggest impact to its well-being? Does your website need to trim down to improve the user experience or does it make more sense to tackle your ailing social media channels? And where in the world do you start?

We know how hard these decisions can be–we’ve seen more than our fair share of analysis paralysis–so, we offer comprehensive digital marketing wellness checks, designed to help you figure out where you should be focusing your marketing efforts and budget to get fit quick.

We combine current best practices with our years of experience to come up with a plan to help your business reach your goals, as quickly as possible.

When we say we’ll look at everything, we mean it...

  • Search engine optimization
  • User experience
  • Website design
  • Social media
  • Analytics data
  • Paid marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital sales funnels
  • “turn your head and cough”

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be painful

You tell us where it hurts and we’ll tell you how to fix it. No, there is no magic pill, we just start with the basics:

  1. First we answer the question: what are your goals? Do you want to see an increase in people filling out your forms? Or maybe you want to be building awareness about your brand or attract some awesome employees.
  2. Then we move on to discovery, where we do an in-depth exam of all of your marketing systems to gather data and make assessments.
  3. Once we’ve sorted through the results, we’ll prioritize our suggestions to give you remedies that will work right away and long-term strategies to get all of your systems into tip-top shape.


Digital marketing decisions may seem difficult, but they really don’t need to be. We can make it as painless as possible, and even, dare we say, fun? Our digital marketing assessments can help take the paralysis out of your analysis and keep your fingers on the pulse.

We’re hoping that was just the right amount of medical puns to convince you to reach and get started on your digital marketing health check!