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Translating your website into other languages can be a daunting task, and not one easily undertaken if other languages are not in your wheelhouse. Targeting your audiences around the globe can drive substantial revenue to your online business, so the effort of applying this web design functionality is well worth the reward. And now that effort can be simplified when you let us take on the language localization and integration for your website.

Multilingual & Bilingual Translations

At The Update Company, we’ve worked with a growing number of tourism clients from the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada to Sea Wolf Adventures and more. In each case, we’ve assisted in the development of website pages in English to ensure the best calls-to-action, and priority optimized content before translation. We’ve worked with clients to provide French, Dutch and German content for their websites and have developed long-term, strong and reliable contacts in the translation industry for professional, fast and affordable results.

Identify your translation goals with us and we’ll ensure that potential foreign customers visiting your site can clearly understand the products and services you offer and purchase or book those products and services easily and conveniently in their own language.

WPML Localization Plugin

As well as working with human translators we also work with WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML). This well-supported plugin helps you and us manage the translation process, keep content synchronized across languages and allows visitors to easily toggling between languages for a seamless multi-language integration with your existing website.

With WPML you can showcase multilingual pages, posts, menus and more. It can be installed to host over 40 languages on your website, or just one depending on your needs. The plugin also has the capability to allow for language variants (like Canadian French) using the languages editor.

Your Next Steps

If you are struggling to identify what languages to showcase on your site, or what pages to translate, why not let us deep dive into your data to determine your geographic analytics. Once we establish what out-of-country visitors are stopping by, and what pages are your top performers, we can help you determine a translation game plan.

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