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We like helping our clients build a sense of community, but we love helping to literally build that community. Applying customized functionality to membership sites is one of the most valuable web design tools at your disposal to grow your audience and connect with people in a meaningful way.

Whether you’re a First Nation seeking to establish and further your communications with band members like Wei Wai Kum, or looking to grow your membership sites like CITAP, we can help you gain your audience. We’ll work with you to shape the information available on your website to suit your members and non-members, with options for a private documents section, multi-tier users, automated enews and more.

We’re ready to bring your membership site vision to life!

"Our nation has a new website and one of the features we’re excited about is that it allows us to automatically generate a weekly e-newsletter. The new website has been designed to help both Band members and non-members find information as easily as possible. The site also works on a range of mobile devices - a function missing from our old site. It is our hope that the e-newsletter and other new website features will allow us to communicate better with Band members and other friends and partners."
Stephanie Slater
Communications Coordinator, Wei Wai Kum First Nations

Membership Sites Grow Your Community

We can create you one or more levels of access to gated content for users and do the heavy lifting of developing that integration.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility on who sees private forums, meeting minutes, community newsletters, special documents, election information and other news and events.

Your unique content can then be revealed on a conversion point: signing up as a member, signing up for a newsletter or connecting by email for more information.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Our intuitive backend tools will make it easy for you to manage and maintain your membership site.

Grow Your Business

Promote free to premium memberships, provide specific dashboard pages, and enjoy automated message notifications to all new, renewing and existing clients. Hone in on your potential members’ interests and make their experience easy, straightforward and simple with the ultimate goal of conversion.

We’ll ensure that your members are collected and stored in one easy spot, with the info you need to market, communicate, promote and feature your members as you need.

Communicating has never been so convenient!

Are you ready to connect with your membership?

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