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Engage your visitors and potential customers on your website with interactive map features. Integrate Google map functionality to showcase locations, tours, employers, postings, services and more.

If your site is driven by connecting two audiences, like guides and employers at Guide Network, we’ve got the mapping capabilities to take your website to the next level and optimize your chances for connections, which will generate revenue and enrich relationships with existing partners, customers and stakeholders.

Our interactive maps are built using a website content management system so your sales team can easily update the information and have it reflected on the website immediately.

How It Works

There are different ways of integrating mapping functionality into your website design, and we’ll work with you to identify how a custom map could enhance your sales goals. We’ve developed interactive mapping features for location-based tour packages across Canada, as well as utilizing this type of functionality to showcase and generate interaction between different audiences.

Interactive Map Features

  • Profile employers, businesses, local services and more
  • Unique icons and custom overlays featuring info, links and photos
  • Job listings
  • Itinerary routes

The possibilities are limitless so let’s talk shop and find out how interactive mapping can work to generate you leads and sales while making it easy for visitors to learn more about the services and products you have to offer!

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