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Creating an online booking service, or a website store, is the first step to selling your products and services online and we’ll find you the easiest, most affordable e-commerce web design solutions. We’ll help hone your sales funnels and track conversions, traffic, stats and purchases to grow your business and target your audience for maximum reward.

Whether you’re a business to consumer site, or seeking b2b lead generation, we have the experience and understanding to help you define, implement and achieve your unique online goals and develop an online store that is customized to your business. Together, we’ll make it easy for your customers to purchase your products and services and for you to monitor and manage sales on the backend of your website.

If you’re looking to sell one-of-kind pieces of First Nations jewelry like Spirits of the West Coast gallery, or you need to showcase your custom box of chocolate options like Hot Chocolates, we’ll streamline your backend bookings, sales and customer service process with a focus on monetary growth and customer retention.

We work with software systems, e-commerce platforms and WordPress plugins that would make the best sense for your online shop and your budget, while creating an easy interface for client communications, inventory and stock monitoring, shipping, cancellations and more.

Features of Our E-Commerce Sites

  • Robust, scalable and flexible platforms
  • Optimized product content for Google search engines
  • Social share options for individual products
  • Custom cart options such as “related products” or “other popular products”

Tracking Metrics for Better Results

We don’t just set it and forget it, we keep coming back for more. Through analytics and reporting, data tracking and A/B testing metrics we’ll monitor your shoppers’ behaviours to better tweak design elements like photos, or descriptions, special cart features like saving favourites for later purchase, and much more. These small but significant updates along the way will better increase sales for you now and down the road.

Converting Visitors to Shoppers

Driving a high volume of traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily equal more sales. In fact, there’s a wide variety of technical implementations to consider when building out an online store to ensure that you’re not just advertising what you sell but selling it as well.

We know it’s better to get highly qualified visitors to your website who intend on making a purchase. By tracking those visitors, their activities, and where and when they dropped off in the sales funnel, we can adjust your site’s shopping experience for maximum conversion.

Beyond the shopping cart, there are email marketing strategies for remarketing and retargeting those uncommitted shoppers, as well as design updates for product displays that can also help up-sell within your online store and shopping cart pages.

Are you ready to increase your sales?

Book time with one of our team members to chat about your business goals and how we can help.

E-Commerce Platforms We Use

Woo Commerce

Built for WordPress, this Canadian-based platform is flexible in its custom options and opportunities for personalization.


With everything in one place, this platform allows you to add new sales channels, manage unlimited products and inventory, fulfill orders in a single step and track sales growth.

We are official Shopify Partners and can help you get up and running with a great online store, or take your existing store to the next level.

Big Cartel

An easy online store specializing in custom options for artists and creative makers with robust mobile and app functionality for in-person sales at live events.


This point-of-sale provider is a Canadian-based company and leading provider of cloud-based POS software.


Powering millions of businesses across 100+ countries around the world, this platform offers quick and effective mobile commerce experiences.


We don’t just want to get you more sales, we want to get you returning sales! A big part of making that happen is ease of purchase. We’ll find your pain points in the sales process and help massage those out for the benefit of your customers and yourself.

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