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Is your website not performing well in organic search results? Are you watching your competitors continually rank higher while your business remains buried in results pages? This may be because your site is not optimized for today’s search engine best practices. Good news: The Update Company can help you kick-start your visibility and get your climbing up in the rankings.

You may have spent a lot of money to get your website designed, but that beautiful site is only effective if traffic can find it and not getting the results you imagined or were promised can be a huge disappointment — not to mention a bad investment. Many of the clients we work with have been in this tough spot when they come to us for help.

We aren’t going to promise you unrealistic deliverables, but what we can do is analyze your strategies for flaws and help you identify issues that may be causing your site to perform poorly. If you need help implementing those strategies, no problem. Our team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts are committed to client success and will work closely with you to target problems, develop solutions, implement change and monitor, track and report on those results to continually optimize over time for ongoing, effective results.

Performing an SEO audit is the first step.

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What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit is an evaluation of your website. We’ll review technical website elements, site content, on-page ranking factors and much more. The goal of the audit is to identify issues that are directly affecting those search engine rankings, as well as your online marketing campaigns. Simply put, it is your website’s report card on how accessible your site is to search engines and in turn your potential customers.

The audit results are then broken into priority actions that can be worked through to improve your SEO. At The Update Company, we will perform the audit and then work with you to fix and improve your site based on our specific findings.

SEO Audit Factors

There are many online SEO audit tools that can provide you with a basic list of SEO tasks that need improvement, but if you really want to improve your rankings and search engine visibility, a comprehensive audit and a professional team can help you interpret the findings and create an action plan that will be paramount to your success.

Below are some of the factors we focus on.

Technical Checkup

Technical SEO refers to strategies that are not content related. A technical review of the website will lay a strong foundation for the rest of the SEO tasks. Having a solid technical foundation will give your content the best chance to rank well for relevant keywords and phrases.

Performing a detailed technical SEO audit starts with looking at your site from the perspective of search engine crawlers. Focusing on factors such as site speed, crawl errors, 404 errors, duplicate content and more, our technical checkup will provide you with actionable priorities.


Do you know what keywords your customers use to find your business? Are you targeting the right keywords? Keyword research is vital to driving all content improvements throughout your site, and analyzing your keyword strategy is an important content-related component of our SEO audits.

Many website owners think they should only focus on keywords that have very high search volume, but there are plenty of opportunities to increase your website traffic when focusing on lower volume keywords that have less competition and may convert better. Ranking for longtail and multi-themed keywords can be a creative and effective way to sidestep the competition for further visibility.

Using our keyword research tools we’ll create a keyword spreadsheet that will map out the keywords that will provide the most SEO value to your company based on search volume and competitive difficulty.

Content Review

Reviewing all of your existing content and coming up with a content strategy for headings, page content, meta titles, descriptions and internal linking strategies are key to improving your search engine rankings. Your website content structure and navigation should not only be built for the search engines but also for your visitors. In our SEO audits, we’ll make content recommendations and can assist with implementation.

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