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Increased lead generation across Western Canada and the United States

The client approached us to take over their lead generation including SEO, Google ads, email marketing, and writing blog posts. The goal was to attract a minimum of 2 qualified leads per month and improve their site’s ranking.  


TLC Solutions has offices in cities across Canada and California, so we had to take into account lead generation and local rankings in each of those cities. They also offer many different services so there were many things to keywords and search terms to take into consideration.   TLC Solutions  

What we did

To achieve our goals, we created location-specific Google Ads campaigns and landing pages for each city, as well as a US-based micro-site hosted on US servers to capture the American market. We optimized both sites for search as well as creating new content to increase the visibility in search.


Tools and Techniques:

  • Restructured the Google Ads account
  • Created new search, display, and animated ads
  • Wrote 1 blog post a month that we promoted on LinkedIn
  • Sent a quarterly email campaign
  • Monitored search rankings using third-party tools


We have far surpassed our targeted number of leads and increased search visibility while keeping up with the new competition in each of the office locations. Visit the site

Proven Results

increased conversion rate


Average conversions

Per Month

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