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Potlatch 67-67


What is a passion project? For us, it’s about community. As an agency based in Cumberland BC, we’ve helped develop websites for many local businesses here. We also eagerly anticipate Cumberland Bakery donuts at our weekly team meetings, and we fill up our Growlers after every website launch with the great folks at the Cumberland Brewery!

Giving back to Cumberland and our region of Vancouver Island is equally as important to us. We’ve donated our time and resources to projects that showcase and enhance our local culture and economy. Potlatch 67-67 is a passion project we’re honoured to have been a part of.

2018 marks the 67th year since the Canadian government’s Potlatch Ban 
was lifted after it was imposed on 
First Nations for 67 years. This has been translated into a multi-artist thematic program at the Comox Valley Art Gallery, running July 20 – Oct 4, 2018.

The Kumugwe Cultural Society came to us with a vision for an associated Potlatch 67-67 website that provided historical context in an engaging and educational way while featuring the talented artists and collaborators of this significant and powerful exhibit.