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Nootka Marine Adventures Lead Generation

Nootka Sound Resort

Generating qualified leads for 3 West Coast Fishing Resorts

We have been working with Nootka Marine Adventures (NMA) on their SEO and lead generation for 5 years. The purpose of our lead generation is to fill accommodations, sell tickets to their events, and increase the awareness and search visibility for all three resorts.


There are several target audiences for NMA due to their many accommodation options, that range from local anglers to international guests in search of all-inclusive, luxury vacations. Their keywords and phrases can also be quite competitive because there are many other fishing resorts in Canada so differentiation and proper SEO practices are important.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to become incredibly flexible and quick on our feet in order to keep up with fast-changing provincial, national, and international travel restrictions.

What we did

We use a combination of highly targeted paid advertising, including Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as search engine optimization, and organic posts to create a holistic lead generation strategy that is continually growing and improving.

Tools and techniques:

  • Google Ads – search and display
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads – lead forms, story ads, events, dynamic, video ads, and more.
  • LinkedIn – targeted advertising to sell corporate retreats
  • Optimized landing pages for each ad campaign

Nootka Marine Adventures has worked with The Update Company for the last five years, and it has been a great partnership. Their top-notch team has assisted with various digital marketing projects as well as re-designing and updating our website. Joscelyn and Jen work hard and are quick to respond to questions, often going out of their way to brainstorm innovative marketing solutions for us. They truly feel like part of our team. -Nootka Marine Adventures


We’ve been able to consistently provide many quality leads to fill their resorts whenever necessary. We’ve also been able to increase their search visibility by 13% which has resulted in an increase in visitors to the site.

Proven Results

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