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Nanwakolas Council

Indigenous Website

Creating a platform to share resources and help protect the rights of First Nations

The Nanwakolas Council is made up of 5 member nations and engages, as a collective voice, with government and industry to protect the rights of First Nations. The Council needed a new platform to help them communicate their mission as well as to provide access to resources for the member nations.

They were looking for a clean, modern, simple-to-navigate website that would work for people of all ages and technical abilities. They wanted the website to provide easy access to information to staff and individuals from member Nations.


Since the operation of the Nanwakolas Council would involve many of the functions of a municipal government, together with additional services and resource needs for members, the main measure of the site would be how quickly visitors could find the information they were looking for.
The site also needed to combine the content from the Ha-ma-yas Guardians site without losing the impact and importance of the content.

Indigenous Website

What we did

We built a site designed around the department and governance structure of the Nation, with navigation that allows visitors to easily find what they need and a prominent and effective search that gives fast access to documents and pages of interest. One of the departments that are highlighted throughout the site is the Ha-ma-yas guardians.

The site search allows users to easily find content in site pages, as well as PDF documents and the dashboard, gives feedback on popular search terms and searches that don’t find results, allowing staff to add or adjust the content so that users find what they are looking for.

Tools and Techniques:

  • New and unique site structured around department and governance
  • Custom WordPress website with custom post templates
  • Search engine optimization using Yoast SEO
  • Comprehensive site search for easy access to materials

The Results

The website we designed allows for easy, clear communication and transparency for the First Nations Council. It combines content from the Ha-may-Yas Guardians and Nanwakolas Council seamlessly and highlights important information throughout the site. The navigation is simple and intuitive and reflects the structure of the council.

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