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Homalco First Nation

First Nation Website

Creating a platform for communication and connection in the Homalco First Nation

Homalco First Nation was looking to update the design and hierarchy of their site to increase the usability for both site visitors and staff. They wanted the site to support service delivery to Homalco members and quickly connect site visitors with the correct contacts, be a trusted and authoritative information resource, and communicate the vision, values, and direction of the nation.


What we did

We built a website that helps members find the information they need and obtain the service they are looking for from the Band Office. It provides clear, easily accessible information and connects them with people who can help further.

As well as supporting members’ day-to-day needs, the site communicates the vision, values, and direction of the Nation. It showcases the new community plan and communicates subsequent plans and actions for progress and healing within the community.

To the wider community, the site represents the Homalco Nation and communicates the progress, intent and vision of the Nation, its members and its leadership.

We also created a member mailing list and email template that allows Homalco staff to push notifications and newsletters to those who have signed up.

Tools and techniques:

  • New custom WordPress website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content review
  • Mailchimp integration and custom email template

Homalco First Nation

The results:

The new site has reduced the amount of staff time spent redirecting queries to the appropriate contact and allowed them to increase the amount of time spent on valuable contact with community members.

The site has become the authoritative and trusted information hub with easy-to-find resources and up-to-date information, replacing Facebook as the place that members go for news regarding the nation. It effectively communicates the vision, values and future direction of the Homalco First Nation, and is easy to use for staff.

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