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Hakai Energy Solutions

Harvesting solar energy

Promoting renewable energy systems in British Columbia

We have been working with the renewable energy company, Hakai Energy Solutions on their marketing and lead generation for over 3 years. The purpose of our work is twofold – to sell home solar energy systems and other residential solar services, and showcase Hakai’s qualifications, years of experience, and sustainability practices to create a level of trust for visitors looking for larger commercial installations.


As another local community company, we were an obvious choice to help promote and generate leads for Hakai. From bulk buy programs including focus areas like Powell River and the Comox Valley to maximizing government rebates, our work with Hakai has been ever-evolving.

Early in 2021, our team noticed that the number of impressions in the Nanaimo area was going up for residential solar searches in Google Ads. Based on this information, our two teams focused on maximizing the opportunity in the area and in May 2021, Hakai opened a new location in Nanaimo.

Hakai Energy Solutions

What we did

In order to capture the most traffic and impressions in the Nanaimo area, we focused on both organic local optimization and paid advertising.



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Tools and Techniques:

  • Coordinated social media posts across Google Business, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Created Business Listings in local directories based on domain authority
  • Optimized Google Business Listings
  • Updated website to include Nanaimo-focused content
  • Created new conversion-based landing pages specifically for Nanaimo
  • Search and Display Ads Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads targeting Nanaimo and the area
  • Google Maps Ads 
"TUC has been involved in our marketing efforts from day one. For over 10 years, from website development to logo design, TUC has helped us connect us with our market in so many ways. We depend on and trust their expertise, values and timeliness, and have come to view them as an extension of our team."
Jason Jackson
Owner and Operator


With a well-rounded lead generation strategy, we increased awareness and reach for Hakai in the Nanaimo area and beyond. We saw a 23% increase in visitors to the site overall as well as a 120% increase in visitors from Nanaimo. The number of conversions increased 55% and the conversions from Nanaimo increase 920%. We also saw higher engagement with content, and with the Google Business listing (including 700+ clicks from the map ads), longer time spent on-site and a significantly lower bounce rate.

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Proven Results

Increased Visitors

from Nanaimo

Increased Leads

from Nanaimo

Increased leads