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First Credit Union Social

First CU Social Strategy

Connecting with the co-operative’s value-driven audience through social

In 2020, we worked with the community-based, cooperative, First Credit Union, to create a comprehensive social strategy to better align with their platforms with mission and values and to connect with their audience.


First Credit Union is the oldest Community Credit Union in British Columbia and has a long history of supporting the communities that they live and operate in with initiatives that include community impact, local economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Through their social platforms, they wanted to showcase their community work as well as better connect with an audience that shares their values.

What we did

We created a comprehensive social media strategy that provided the key pillars to successful engagement, lead generation and brand-building through their two primary social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and two secondary platforms (LinkedIn and YouTube), with Twitter reserved mainly for customers service inquiries.

The social media strategy was designed to leverage First Credit Union’s approachability (through videos, online community engagement and interactive sessions), community presence, strong focus on financial literacy and existing digital content (like the goldmine of content on the First Community Impact Blog!).

The strategy included:

  • Benchmark data for social channels
  • Target audience value research
  • Platform-specific best practices
  • Content strategy for each platform
  • Example posts including hashtag examples
  • Hashtag research and implementation guidelines
  • Paid post strategy including boosting and events
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Troubleshooting and crisis communication

The results

Using our social strategy, First Credit Union’s busy marketing and community team were able to consistently and easily implement the tasks in this strategy while maintaining high posting standards. They were able to enhance their digital presence and connect with a larger audience that shares their values.