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Desolation Sound Yacht Charters

Yacht Charter Website

Promoting yacht charters to explore the beautiful Desolation Sound

The goal of this project was to create a cohesive, modern, and high-end website to drive increased business for DSYC. It needed to encourage and inform potential charterers, showcase the benefits of chartering for yacht owners, and communicate the level of expertise, care and local knowledge of the owners.


The site needed to perform multiple functions for multiple audiences. It needed to:

  1. Entice and inform visitors who were interested in charters through inspiring imagery and writing, and destination and itinerary information. For those who had already converted, it also needed to house password-protected information including full specs for each boat, packing lists, and more.
  2. Communicate the benefits of charter operation for yacht owners, and build trust that their precious asset will be well looked after by communicating the level of experience and care within the team.
  3. Highlight DSYC’s mechanical service capabilities to provide additional revenue.

What we did

We created a custom and unique WordPress site that speaks to each audience, throughout their customer journeys and fulfills all of the needs of the client.


DSYC Website Design

Tools and techniques:

  • Custom WordPress site
  • Password-protected pages and resources
  • Hand-drawn icons and graphics to highlight the owners’ local knowledge

The results

The new website is unique and inspiring and provides important information to all intended audiences in a clean and concise manner. The site is simple in navigation, intricate in design, and communicates the main differentiators of the client in a fun and interesting way.

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