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Cluxewe Resort


Redesigning the site to showcase the culture and beauty of Cluxewe Resort

The Cluxewe Resort website, which TUC created in 2013, needed an update in design and organization. The goal for the new website was to showcase the inspirational and cultural storytelling aspects of the resort and location and then to easily lead people into the online booking flow.


The client was also working with Campspot for their online booking portal but since they were not going to be able to launch that integration until the end of the season, and the new website would be done mid-summer, we had to build an interim workaround. The workaround had to include all of the information that would later be hosted on Campspot without interrupting the design and flow of the site.

The site design also needed to incorporate more opportunities for cultural and inspiring copywriting and imagery for the future expansion of the resort.

The last consideration was the bistro page which they needed to be able to turn on and off, including the menu and menu items, to accommodate closures.


Cluxewe Resort Website

What we did

We implemented a complete overhaul of the WordPress site design, hierarchy and navigation to make the site more intuitive, and easier to use. We included a booking form in addition to the contact form, and added accordion menus to the accommodation pages to house the future Campspot content. We also included many locations for storytelling, art and imagery so that in the future, more cultural elements can be added to the site.

Tools and techniques:

  • Custom WordPress Site
  • Custom post-type templates
  • Optimized content

The Results

The resulting site is a clean and easy-to-use website that showcases the beauty, culture and history of the area. It has a clear flow and makes finding information, and booking easy and frictionless.

Cluxewe Resort, a natural wonder, in the land of the Kwakiutl people. Come to this magical place and camp, fish, watch birds and other wildlife, and to relax with friends and family.

Thank you so much!  You have all been very easy and wonderful to work with!!  I am very happy with the website! – Cathy Holler

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