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BC Métis Federation

BCMF Website

Building a bold and easy to use the site for BCMF members

The main goal of the new BC Métis Federation website was to give members easy access to news, events, programs and services, and projects. Additionally, the website needed to include a job board and business directory functionality, intended to help members find employment and to assist member-owned businesses in accessing new contract opportunities.


The new BCMF site had a few special considerations including the ability to search and filter a document library which would be used to provide members with quick access to relevant resources. An online membership application form would be added for new memberships and renewals to simplify the onboarding process. All of this needed to be built in a mobile-friendly way via a responsive design.


BCMF Website

What we did

We created a robust eye-catching website using BCMF’s new branding and design. The layout of the site takes you to the most important information first and let’s a user search for news, events, programs and services and projects while seeing the impact of the work that BCMF does to support Métis people, their families and their businesses in BC.

Tools, techniques, and deliveries:

  • New branding and design
  • Custom WordPress site
  • Online membership subscription and renewal process
  • Intuitive admin dashboard for BCMF staff
  • Custom WordPress job board
  • Staff, Board, Business and Community Directories

The results

The new BCMF website is getting more visitors to the site including a large increase in brand new users. We’re seeing more time spent on the site overall and more pages viewed than on the previous site. Between the new design and the ability to find information quickly the new site is working well for members and communities.

With the automation of the membership and renewal forms the BCMF team has saved a lot of time and energy from the previous manual process.

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