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Our PPC Management Services take the stress out of digital ads.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is hands down the fastest way to get high quality clicks to your website, landing pages or social media profiles. It’s also one of the fastest ways to waste your marketing budget if it’s not done right. At The Update Company, we have an in-depth understanding of the PPC marketplace and its best practices, giving us the ability to shape effective campaigns that are integral to any digital marketing strategy.

As with any digital lead generation tool, PPC management needs to start with a strategy and awareness of who your target market is, what their pain points are (why they need your product or service), their location(s), and where they spend their time online. It’s about putting your marketing spend towards ads and posts that convert and do the best job for your business.

With our PPC management, we take care of the most popular pay-per-click platforms including:

  • Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)
  • Google Non-Profit Ad Grants
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Twitter ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Remarketing and retargeting
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Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)

Google Ads allow you to pay-per-click to come up above organic search results when someone is using Google to find your products or services. This puts you in the perfect place to get a well-qualified click to your website with a higher likelihood of conversion. In essence, Google Ads can be used to reach the right people, at the right time, and send them to a landing page that turns visitors into customers. Sounds simple, right? Not quite…

There are a lot of steps in the process of creating and maintaining Google Ads for our clients — from asking questions to understanding your business differentiators, unique selling points, and target markets. It’s also important to create the best keyword/keyphrase and negative keywords lists, alongside the ads (text, display, mobile, and combinations), and landing pages.

Tracking Google Ads

Our PPC management tracks all of the actions taken from your Google Ads, whether it be form fills, emails or phone calls and show you stats to back up our work.

In fact, we’ll go into your ads on a daily basis and continue to A/B test, adapt and keep trying new ideas until we’re at a sweet spot where your leads are continuously coming in and are generating more revenue than it costs for your spend and our maintenance. We’re not happy with status quo and want to keep your ads performing well with conversion rates going up.

Google Non-Profit Ad Grant Setup and Maintenance

Google offers registered non-profits up to $10,000 (USD) a month in free ad spend. If you’re a non-profit this is HUGE! Reach your audiences, members, donors, and supporters without having to pay for your own Google Ads spend.

The lead generation team at The Update Company specializes in setting up and maintaining these non-profit ad grants while compiling to their specifications on where the spend is allocated and how. Our PPC management helps you maximize the grant while taking the day-to-day maintenance and strategy out of your hands, ensuring that Google doesn’t cancel your account for non-compliance.

Facebook and Instagram Ads & PPC Management

Facebook and Instagram is another great way to reach your target market with projects, services, events, and posts. Narrow in on the audiences you want to target and the type of conversion you need like: page likes, bookings, promo codes used, website visits and more.

Our PPC management starts with a focused strategy and goals to modify and adapt our ads until they’re meeting your goals. We’ll keep going to get them to the highest conversion point we can and send you reports to show the impact on your business. Then we have a dance party to celebrate. Seriously, our office has a disco ball.

LinkedIn Ads

In the advertising world, LinkedIn is often overlooked for business to business targeting. You may not see a lot of impressions on LinkedIn but the click-thru and conversation rates can be higher than other platforms based on the fact that you can target specific companies and titles with webinars, projects and services, and even job postings.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform with a lot of impressions and engagement, especially in service industries. You can use Twitter ads to get clicks to your website, gain new followers and get more downloads of your game or app.

YouTube Ads

As YouTube is owned by Google, you can use Google Ads as a platform to advertise on YouTube. You can use the same type of strategic target marketing as Google Ads (see above) to show your video when they’re on the YouTube homepage, searching for specific topics, or show your video ad before or during a video that your potential customers are currently watching. The great news about YouTube ads being a Google product is that you’ll have meaningful reporting on how your video ads performed.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting is a fantastic way to reach someone who visited your website but didn’t take an action (remarketing), or maybe they did take an action and you want to reach them again (retargeting). Using Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads as well as Google and Facebook partners, you can re-engage with people who already showed interest in your business and compel them back to your website with the goal of conversion.

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