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We’re fun — and we’re not just saying that.

We’re a strange group but that’s the way we like it. Fun is a priority for us – always – from the clients we take on, to our office environment, to our lives outside of work. We also care, like, a lot. We work hard and are passionate about supporting our community and humanity, fighting climate change, and conserving the natural world.

Despite not taking ourselves too seriously, we’re seriously experienced. Our team consists of award-winning web and print designers, developers, search engine marketers, lead generation specialists, copywriters, business strategists, project managers, engineers and community-building social media specialists. Our comprehensive knowledge base helps us advocate for the best possible solutions for our clients and support each other to provide those solutions.

Half of our team works from our office in the legendary village of Cumberland where we have (pretty decent) coffee, a foosball table (that’s rigged but we won’t tell you which way), and are walking distance to everything you could ever possibly need in the sweetest little village you ever did see. The other half of our team works remotely (because they can no longer tolerate pants), and we have regular video calls to talk about life (and sometimes work).

If we haven’t already said it, humour is important to us, now more than ever. So if you can’t laugh at yourself and the absurd state of the world (while doing your best to improve it), you ain’t got what it takes for this kitchen.

When we have open positions, they will be listed below, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop us a line anyway. Send your resume and favourite meme to Jen Rollins –