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Welcome to The Update Company! We are an award-winning website design, development and digital marketing agency that offers straightforward solutions for businesses looking to make the most of website sales and brand awareness, email marketing and social marketing activities and SEO.

As lead generation experts that go the extra mile, our aim is always the same: to carry forward your company’s marketing and sales goals. Our success is your success and we take this seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously — getting serious results shouldn’t be painful. We are friendly, helpful and dedicated to providing efficiencies that will make the online management of your business stress-free. These values are inherent to everything we do.

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We’re More Than a Website Company

Our creative team consists of experienced web and print designers, developers, search engine marketers, lead generation specialists, copywriters, mapping experts, business strategists, project managers, engineers and community-building social media specialists. Our comprehensive knowledge helps us advocate the best solutions possible.

One of our defining features as an agency is the in-house ability to create full-service digital marketing experiences for our clients and their end users.

Now that you know a bit about us, here are a few reasons why you would choose to work with us on your next digital marketing strategy…

You Want a Unique Online Presence

Your business is unique. We ensure that time is taken to listen and understand your objectives and what makes your business work. We’ll use this knowledge to create custom online solutions that will help you stand out from cookie cutter websites and campaigns of competitors. We don’t cut corners and we take great pride in offering creative, modern and dynamic solutions.

You Want Results That Matter

From customized forms and online sales/bookings to attracting ideal customers and creating a community on your social media channels, we focus on your outcomes first. Once these are established, we’ll apply our lead generation expertise to make your online presence work for you, and then prove it with measured results. We want you to succeed and we’re invested in making this happen.

You Want an All-In-One Digital Marketing Company

Instead of dealing with multiple companies and multiple people, you have us, The Update Company, ready to help you optimize your business and sales goals for the greatest possible conversion metrics. They say two heads are better than one, and we say nine is even better! We’re a collaborative group with a wealth of expertise between us and together we’ll get you the results you need.

You Want to be Kept in the Loop

With our dedicated project manager, detailed processes, and frequent touch points you’ll always know where your project is and what the next steps are. We won’t leave you hanging. Through every step, you’ll receive agendas, recap emails, notes on to-dos, training, checklists and other useful tools to help you stay organized. We’ll assess how hands-on you want to be on your project and work accordingly.

You Want to Work With a Team of Trusted Advisors

We won’t just walk you through our process, we’ll make sure you understand what we’re doing in terms that make sense to you and your business goals. Not technical? No problem. We’ll explain ourselves using everyday language to keep you informed about the project and what’s happening behind the scenes.

You Want to Work With Experts

The Update Company has been in business since 2011 and we’ve completed over 100 digital projects, lead generation campaigns, and integrations. We received the Tech & Innovation award from the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce, as well as other local recognition for the work we do.

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Work With Us!

Our ideal clients have an existing successful business or an awesome idea and want to work with a team to maximize their lead generation. They appreciate the value of what we do and are attentive, open-minded and creative. They understand that a website is a living, breathing marketing tool that needs to be continually adapted and tested to maximize conversions and conversion rates.

They allow our team the budget to be flexible and trust that we will do what we say we will do while being willing to move and change as we try new solutions and approaches. Most importantly, they’ll be fun to work with and the projects will be interesting and satisfying for our team. If you think we’ll be a good fit for your next project connect with us today.